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‘To Educate the students of SGN Khalsa Primary for a bright and positive future.’

‘’Provide Quality Education for Change, Peace and Progress.”

Khalsa Primary School was established in 1958. At present it has a roll of 300 students. The school offers education from Pre School to Class 8 The school has 11 Civil servants, a Pre School teacher, a Language teacher and a typist.

Subjects Taught

English Mathematics Social Science Health Education
Basic Science Elementary Science Moral Values Physical Education
Art &Craft Gardening Music/Dance Hindi Language
Fijian Language Cross Culture Gurmukhi Conversational Hindi & Fijian

The children are also taught the traditional Punjabi folk dance(Bhangra and Gidda)

Admission 2011
All the children born before 30th June 2005 are eligible for admission in Class 1. Enrolment is open to students of all other classes as well. Parents are requested to bring their Birth Certificates. School opens on 24th January, 2011.
The enrolment starts in November for the intake of the following year. The enrolment ages for Pre - School is 5 years.

Boys – white shirt, white vest and brown shorts with belt
Girls - blue and white checked dress with white collar, white band on the sleeves, white belt and black Tights.

Building Fees
A sum of $10 per Student is charged per year.
Kindergarten Fees: $20.00 per Term if a child starts from Term 1.
                                  $25.00  for Terms 2 & 3 if the child starts in Term 2.
                                  $30.00 for Term 3 education only.
Feeder Areas and Transport
Bus services are provided to and from the school in the following areas:

  • Votua / Natutu / Nawaqarua Village
  • Nadhari / Sorokoba/ Natalecake & Lavuci
  • Vatuyaka
  • Etatoko/ Wailailai & Vadravadra
  • Town/ Veisaru & Field 28
  • Natunuku/ Vatutavui & Manqere


External  Examinations

Literacy And Numeracy Assessment (LANA)
This ‘Test’ replaces the Fiji Intermediate and Fiji Eighth Year Examinations so that the Government achieves the objectives of the Education Commission Report and the Peoples’ Charter, of 12 years compulsory Education.  Students from Classes 4, 6 and 8 appear for this exam. There are two papers only – English (Literacy) and Mathematics (Numeracy).Since it is an assessment, there is no pass or fail but reports on individual child’s performance enables the teachers and students to work on their weaknesses.
 From 2011 onwards, Class Eight students will progress to Form Three without sitting any examination. However to measure their performances and competencies, pupils will go through continuous assessments that are classroom-based and those set by the Curriculum Development Unit. Continuous assessment would measure a child's strength and expose weak areas that have to be worked upon.

Fiji Eighth Year Examination
Students of Class 8 will appear for this exam for the last time this year.


Sitting From Left: V. Sashidhar, Rosebean Ali,  Savita Sen, F.A. Hussein(H.T), Suman. L. Chand, (A.H.T), Litiana, Artika Bandhana, Anita B Sen(ET),
Standing From Left: Navin Singh, Davendra Ram, Arvind Prakash, Vineet V Prasad,
Sashidhar, Anil Krishna

Success comes with good Team Work.
May the Almighty God guide and bless us all towards excellence and prosperity.

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