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Our Educational Principles

At Khalsa College we equate educational delivery as the heart and soul of everything we plan and do.

All teaching, learning and care are underpinned by our commitment to the following principles.

  • Recognition of all stakeholders
  • Professionalism in all that we do
  • Relevance and responsive as a required characteristic in all our endeavors and pursues
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Equality and Equity of Access
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Human Dignity and Individual Rights of Freedom

Our Educational Values

Education at Khalsa College is based upon a core of intrinsic and ensuring values.
  • Honesty and Fairness
  • Integrity and Diligence
  • Loyalty and Tolerance
  • Inclusiveness
  • Truth and Justice
  • Self Esteem and Self Reliance
  • Compassion and Caring
  • Sense of family and community
  • Perseverance and Determination
  • Punctuality and Regularity
  • Safeties and Tact
  • Initiative and Creativity
  • Modesty and Moderation
  • Patience and Self control
  • Obedience and Orderliness
  • Trust and Trustworthiness
  • Civic Pride and Responsibility
  • Permission and Co-operation
  • Achievement and Humility
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude

Promotional Themes

  • All round desirable personality development
  • Appreciation of multiculturalism
  • Enhancement of community partnership in education
  • Incorporation of stakeholders in the development of school curriculum
  • Enhancement of professionalism
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