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The development of emphatic values and attitude towards practices in Agricultural Science for everyday survival in students personal lives.
To academically develop students in acquiring knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles of Agricultural Science in sundries situation.


Mrs Sonia Shila Ram(TIC)



Agricultural Science subject plays an integral part of any education. It develops a child holistically. It also offers a variety of opportunities and provides a pathway to effectively run one’s own business for a better living. It provides students with opportunities to learn about agriculture in a fun and effective way, and seeks to instill appreciation for local agriculture and food production.

The department had more challenges as compared to preceding years. It was very challenging for the department to meet the goals set since there was only one teacher taking the subject for all the levels and together being taking all the responsibilities as a department in-charge. Currently, the Science department teachers are assisting the Agriculture department by taking up few agriculture classes. Together with this, there were many modifications to the teaching programs due to changes in the curriculum. However, as always, the challenges were successfully met and at this juncture, the school administration is acknowledged for the coordination. Due to this combined effort, the new syllabus has been well implemented in the school.

Apart from the day to day teaching/learning process, the department enabled the students to take part in other activities such as Excursion to Nadi and Sigatoka whereby they visited the research station. This created awareness among the students on the activities carried by other Agricultural sectors. Together with this, students were able to do gardening where they learnt all the husbandry practices of certain crops.

The Department also took part in poster competition in the agriculture show that was held in Nadi and won the first prize. The department is also having awareness week whereby competitions are held. Enterprising is also done during the awareness week. Posters and model are displayed throughout the week.

Finally, I wish to convey my appreciation to the officials of the TEST SECTION (Ministry of Education) for their support and guidance through the circulars and workshops.
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