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Mrs. Preeti A Chand(HOD language)


Department Report

The Languages department plays an important role in Khalsa as it functions to impart knowledge which enables students to express themselves adequately in English, a second language to our children and a compulsory examination subject.

Not everyone fully understands the power of words, whether they be written or spoken. Students go through the motion of learning languages without realizing the full potential of this medium if mastered effectively, language can be an invaluable tool for all occasions. But if language skills are not satisfactorily developed, we are producing social misfits. These are the reasons for our work as language teachers.

The nine teachers attached to the Department are doing a wonderful job of teaching the broad language and literature syllabus and making the lessons enjoyable and meaningful.

The Department aims to bring about the overall development of the child. With this in mind, we participate in all national and international competitions. In our quest to develop the creative talents of the students, we established an English club. At this juncture, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the hardworking teachers of the Department for their cooperation and tireless efforts in maintaining and improving previous academic records.

My message to our parents “Play an active role in children’s education and encourage reading”.


2019 – 10th May – Shanil Prakash Year 13A represented the school in Girmit day English Oratory. He secured the first place in Ba / Tavua District

2018 – Deepshika participated in Hindi Oratory and was declared overall winner in Western Division.

2017 – William of Year 11A participated in Arts competition organised by Ba Library during Library Week and attained first prize in Ba District.

2016 – Rehana Prakash represented the school in Hindi Oratory and received second prize

2016 – Veniana Qata of Year 13A participated in Non – Hindi speaking Category and bagged the first place.

2016 – Aman Avinit Kumar of Year 12C participated in the poem writing competition organised by MEHA and he was the National Winner.

2015 – Students represented the school in the oratory contest organised by NRSC. The Junior Division orator Genevive Phillipa was placed second and the senior division orator Dorris scooped the first prize.

2014 - Priesh Singh participated in New Zealand Essay Competition and secured prize. .
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