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Technical skills for a productive career.
To provide students with relevant technical skills that will help in securing a good future in the workforce area.


Mr. Shekar Mani(HOD Industrial Arts)



Technology has been always an important part of our lives and many great innovations has helped make our lives easier in this fast paced world today. The department of Industrial Arts has been very much focused on developing critical thinkers who can contribute towards the development of our communities and the nation at large.

There have been many changes in all aspects of life and to cope up with the changes the department has been working to deliver quality knowledge to the students. The department is very much focused in promoting safe environment that is conducive to learning and Continuous upgrading tasks are being undertaken by the department as part of the students projects and department projects to ensure the best teaching and learning environment is provided for the students at Khalsa College, Ba.

The department wishes all the very best for the students and hopes that the students will produce quality results in the exams and have a lucrative career path.

Lastly, our sincere appreciation goes to The TEST Section of Ministry of Education, the school management, the admin team and the parents for their continuous support and words of encouragement for the Industrial Arts Department.


• The teachers and students are working hard to complete the projects and all the required internal assessments. The students are working on some very high quality projects which will be moderated during the district moderation. Mostly upgrading tasks are carried out in the workshop to meet the industrial standards.

• A week long displays and awareness program for the TEST week. The students are made aware of the opportunities in the field of technology and also the skills of enterprising is highlighted so that the students can become job creators rather than job seekers.
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