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Sat Sri Akaal to All

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to write a message on the Historic Diamond Jubilee celebration of SGN Khalsa Primary School and Khalsa College Ba. I feel really honoured that I have been posted to this renowned institution in 2014 and we are going to celebrate Diamond Jubilee of both Khalsa schools in 2019 Sixty years is an age of maturity for any organization and it is time to rejoice and celebrate particularly for an organization which has successfully served community needs and has shown vast progress and growth.

It is through the foresight of the founders that the school has been able to mark this memorable occasion. These pioneers deserve our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for their visionary foresight that the only survival of their younger generation in the new era will be formal education.

Shri Guru Nanak Khalsa Primary (Reg# 1092) under the management of Sikh Educational of Fiji started on 11th February 1958. Currently SGN Khalsa Primary School is classified as a Medium School.

In its sixty years the school has grown in size and strength and now undoubtedly preparing itself to accept the challenges of changing needs in education under new reforms. Today it stands as a model and proud institution with excellence in the Ba/Tavua Education District and Ministry of Education as a whole. It has produced very dedicated professionals and community workers for economic development, peace and progress of the nation.

Lot of developments has been done since establishment of this dynamic institution. The Trustees, Management, Teachers and others stakeholders has always been very support and committed towards all school activities. The achievements of the school are itself the testimony of this. Khalsa Primary has very well resourced education facilities for children and teachers. Through Ministry of education Free Education Grant Scheme which was introduced in 2016, lot of developments has taken place. Recently under USA Airforce and Royal Fiji Military Forces assistance much needed infrastructure renovation took place. European Union and Secretariat of Pacific Community further assisted our school in upgrading Early Childhood Centre at our school .In the recent year’s vast improvements has taken place to in the form of children’s learning environment, health and hygiene, sanitation, safety and security. I wholeheartedly commend the school management for rendering their invaluable assistance and support in administration of the school as well as making provisions for all the needs of the children and teachers. I extremely feel proud to get a chance for leading such a prestigious institution for the last six years.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Khalsa Schools for reaching such a milestone on this auspicious occasion of Diamond Jubilee Celebration and also thank the founders, past Trustees, Management, School Heads, Teachers and all other stakeholders for taking Khalsa to such a height. I also pray to Waheguru that our school progresses and prosper by leaps and bounds and continues to provide much needed education to all our children irrespective of their religious beliefs and ethnicity. God Bless the Khalsa family.

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru ji ki fateh.

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