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Message from The Manager: Mr. Dalabar Singh

Khalsa College and Primary School have seen a lot of development through their golden years. Today both the institutions are among the best in the country. Thanks to the Sikh Community for their far sightedness and contributions in establishing these at a time when education was being promoted for building a better Fiji for all.

I have seen the change from 1959 when I joined the College as a Form 3 student and am proud to be one of the pioneers of Khalsa. Over the years I have had the opportunity of being a student, a teacher, a Principal and a Management Board member and have witnessed the progress by these institutions.

At the Golden Jubilee celebrations the Khalsa Website will be launched and this will give access to our Khalsa Ex-students, who are settled in many countries abroad, to be in touch with their educational background.

This year we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee and I take this opportunity to pay our homage to our stalwarts of the Sikh Community who had really sacrificed so much for the establishment and sustenance of the Khalsa institutions. May the Waheguru (God Almighty) shower His Blessings on them.

SRI Guru Granth Sahib Ji says: "In the midst of this world, do seva (selfless service), and you shall be given a place of honour in the Court of the Lord.
Says Nanak, swing your arms in joy”!
(SGGS p26)

At this juncture I would also like to acknowledge the sincere hard work put in by past Principals, Head Teachers, Staff of both institutions, the Management Board and the Trustees in maintaining the standard and continuous progress. I must thank the MOE for its continuous support.

 I also acknowledge the untiring efforts of the present Principal, the Head Teacher and the Staff of both the institutions and my colleagues of the Management Board in providing the best learning environment for the students. My thanks also to the parents, students and the well-wishers of Khalsa.

I wish good luck to all the students in their studies and pray for the prosperity of Khalsa Schools.

May God Almighty bless all.

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