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Atish Kumar
HOD Maths/ Physics


To provide innovative educational opportunities for learners and to develop new models for enhancing learning and teaching for Mathematics and Physics education.


The department strives to teach the main ideas and methods of Mathematics and Physics and to build up the students reasoning and analytical skills


The department offers Mathematics to all students from Form 3 to Form 7 level. Physics is offered at senior level from Form 5 to Form 7.

Career Options

A variety of career opportunities exists in the field of Mathematics and Physics.

In Mathematics, job chances ranges from a cashier to an Aerospace engineer.

In Physics, students can pursue jobs in Science and Technology based industries (energy, agriculture, computing, medicine), Engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics), Telecommunications, Meteorology and the list goes on.


Name Qualifications Institution & year  of graduation
Mr. Atish A. Kumar
BSc Degree- Physics/Chemistry
STTC – Maths/Physics
USP -  2008
USP – 1998
FCAE – 2000
Mrs. Madhu M. Nadan Dip. Ed-Maths/ Basic Science FCAE – 1998
Mr. Sanpreet Singh Dip. Ed – Maths/Basic Science FCAE – 2003
Miss Afroza Z. Nisha BSc GCED- Maths/Chemistry USP – 2007
Mr Sailesh K. Singh BSc GCED- Maths/Physics USP - 2009
Mr Manjeet Singh Dip. Ed- Maths/Basic Science FCAE – 2008

Calendared Activities

  • Fiji Junior Certificate Examination (FJCE)
  • Fiji Seventh Form Certificate Examination (FSFCE)
  • Fiji School Leaving Certificate Examination (FSLC)
  • Internal Assessment for Form 3

Department Activities

  1. Fiji Mathematics Competitions (FMC)
  2. Fiji Team Mathematics Competions (TMC)
  3. Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
  4. South Pacific Physics Quiz (SPPQ)
  5. Educational visits – Sci-Tech Expo

Achievements in Mathematics Competitions 2009
The form 6 level team turned out to be the champions at their levels in the team mathematics competition (TMC) national finals organized by the Fiji Mathematics Association on October 10th, 2009. This great victory has been the first time ever since the school entered in such a competition.
The winning team members have been awarded with prizes, certificates and a plaque for the school.
Three students excelled in the Fiji Mathematics Competition (FMC)-2009. These students have been awarded with $20 cash prize together with a prize certificate by the Fiji Mathematics Association



The department has been achieving excellence in the above competitions each year and students have been awarded with prizes and certificates.

Department External Exam Results

2004 74 63 65 82 68
2005 71 58 76 60 63
2006 65 60 82 73 80
2007 69 78 77 77 85
2008 73 73 81 71 100
2009 64 64 61 56 58
2010 Target 70 70 70 65 70

Professional development

Regular Professional Development sessions have been conducted during department meetings.


As rapid developments are taking place in technology, the department strives to prepare students to meet and upgrade to the standards of this 21st century.

The department members continue to work hard as a team to achieve the department goals and strive for excellence.

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