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Ashwin Singh
HOD Agriculture

Agricultural- Science in Khalsa College is offered from Forms 3 to 7. It is one of those subjects where theory is integrated with practical concepts.

Students generally focus their studies on crop and animal husbandry concepts. Apart from that, students’ learning is integrated with basic concepts from other subjects like Mathematics, English, Geography, Economics, Accounting, etc.

Khalsa College is proud to offer one of the best of the facilities for the teaching and learning of this subject.  They include a very large green house, a large land area for students’ practical, poultry shed to cater for more than ten dozen meat birds at a time.

At the junior level, students apart from class room studies, learn to sharpen their skills on crop husbandry and broiler production while Form 5 and 6 level students study agronomy, plant protection, ornamental horticulture, ruminants and monogastric digestion, dairy and pig farming etc.

Form 7 students study Fiji and international trade, animal structure and physiology, agro forestry etc.

Students having studied Agricultural Science have the advantage to acquire both blue and white collar jobs.


  1. The school’s priority is the same as of the Ministry of Education- to prioritize Technical Vocational Education (TVET). Therefore, Agricultural- Science is given due preference.
  2. Majority of our students are from farming backgrounds and have little problem in grasping new scientific concepts taught.
  3. To provide opportunities to our students to enhance their interest in this subject. 


Teach students the new innovative methods of food production.


Prepare a child for tomorrow, today.


Name Qualification Years exp Forms Taught
Ashwin Singh Dip in Education 17 3-7


  1. External examinations (FJC. FSLC,FSFE) in November
  2. Internal examinations as per school calendar 




2009 FJC 73
  FSLC 58
  FSFE 100
2008 FJC 96
  FSLC 47
  FSFE 89
2007 FJC 53
  FSLC 60
  FSFE 25
2006 FJC 79
  FSLC 44
  FSFE 80
2005 FJC 47
  FSLC 25
  FSFE 35
2004 FJC 69
  FSLC 35
  FSFE 43


The Agricultural Science department is always busy with its activities.
Some of its functions include:

  1. Classroom teaching
  2. Vegetable garden projects
  3. Broiler production
  4. Students internal assessment tasks
  5. Ornamental design and landscaping
  6. Beekeeping
  7. Excursions
  8. Examinations


At Khalsa College, professional development sessions are held regularly.
Apart from that, the department is invited to be part of Ministry of Education’s workshops held at various centers in the West.

Upon return from the workshop, department teachers are promptly updated regarding the latest developments from the workshop.


There are a few challenges associated with the teaching and learning of this subject.

  1. students not being able to complete their tasks on time
  2. dry weather conditions which hampers vegetable production

Apart from the normal classroom teaching and learning the department had the following plans enhance the students learning in the subject.

  • Field Trip/ Excursions for our senior students to-
  • Sigatoka Research Station
  • South Pacific Fertiliser Limited
  • Ram Narayan Engineering Works Limited
  • Food Show – Theme – Feed Fiji First- Go Local In July
  • Broiler Production – Raised 200 Broiler as part of the students project.

The Department of Agriculture had organised an eventful agricultural show on the school premises on July 30th, 2010.
The Chief Guest of the show was the Principal Education Officer Ba/Tavua , Mr. Kamlesh Sharma.
The show had the theme – FEED FIJI FIRST- GO LOCAL.
The Agricultural show had over 1000 students from as far as Tavua College and Nukuloa College present.
In his opening speech the PEO said that he had not seen  any school organising an agricultural show of this magnitude in Fiji.
The show was also visited by some prominent personalities from the education fraternity .
Head Teachers and Principals of various institutions also attended.
The department will organise a similar show again next year.



To date, absolute co-operation and guidance has been received from the Principal, Management committee, Ministry of Education, Staff and students.
The dynamism and encouragement shown by the Principal and his Administration team is highly commendable.

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