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Message from The Principal: Mr. Pradeep Chandra

I am indeed honoured and extremely priviledged to write a message for inclusion in the KHALSA – The Golden Jubilee Magazine specially produced to mark the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Khalsa Schools.

Firstly I must acknowledge the pioneers of this institute.  These were great visionaries whose foresight led to the birth of Khalsa Schools in Ba.  Had it not been for these unsung heroes, we would not have been fifty years old today.  Indeed it is a cause for widespread celebrations as it not only gives the Khalsa Family the opportunity to review the past fifty years but also the opportunity to plan for the next fifty.

Credit for success of the Khalsa Institutions must also go to the very many students, teachers, administrators and management who over the years toiled hard to develop the institute to what it is today.

Over the years Khalsa has excelled in Sporting Competitions such as Soccer, Rugby and Netball.  Khalsa has also excelled in athletics winning Gold medals at the Coca Cola Games.  They have also performed exceptionally well in various dance and film making competitions.  This Golden Jubilee year has been exceptional.  Khalsa College scooped the most prizes at the tfl Kula film awards and FAVC sponsored Bulawood, Hollywood and Bollywood Competitions.  The total dollar value of the prizes exceeded eight thousand seven hundred dollars.

Bhangra and Gidda, the traditional Sikh Dance forms, have brought fame to Khalsa.  Not only Sikh students but non-sikhs have also mastered these two dances and are a delight to watch.  Khalsa is identified by these two dance forms and this is vigorously promoted at the high school.

Khalsa College has eleven departments which is led by a group of young and enthusiastic leaders with lot of promise.  The eleven departments are made up of Languages, Maths/Physics, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Pemac, Computer, Agriculture and Office Technology.

As a result of quality teachers, ably supported by dedicated assistant teachers, the school has been producing exceptional academic results. 

Khalsa College today boasts of a very disciplined group of students.  This has developed over the years with regular interaction between the management, staff, parents and students.  This has brought us all together and a strong sense of ownership prevails in the school.  The school environment is second to none, facilities available are exceptional and as a result Khalsa has been producing wonderful young men and women.

I wish to thank all those who have made Khalsa enjoy this status today.  This includes Ministry of Education Officials at National, Divisional and District Levels, the Trustees, the Management Committee, the various Donor agencies, Well Wishers of Khalsa, Students, Ex Students, Parents and Teachers.

Infact everyone associated with Khalsa deserve my congratulations.

May Wahe-Guru bless you all.


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